AllDroid forum user tasmanian_droid has been hard at work hacking his Motorola Droid and was able to overclock the CPU to 1.3 GHz. The Motorola Droid features a Texas Instruments OMAP3430 which Motorola had set at 550 MHz so this is an impressive overclock if true. The Droid is reported to be “rock solid” at 800 MHz, but that limit is still being pushed.

SetCPU for root users app.

Tasmanian_droid has posted some benchmarks for the popular Android apps BenchmarkPi and Linpack. He recorded a score of 10.848 Mflops /s in Linpack and 2078 in BenchmarkPi, which are both new records for the Motorola Droid.

However, these Droid scores are dwarfed by users with a Nexus One running the latest CyanogenMod v5.0. They have reported Linpack scores that are 64% faster and BenchmarkPi times that are half of the Droid (lower is better).

The Droid (TI OMAP3430 550 MHz) and the Nexus One (Qualcomm QSD8250 1 GHz) have different processors, but they are both based off the ARM Cortex-A8 core design. I’m not quite the technical expert to explain the differences between the two designs, but I am a little surprised to see the Nexus One lead by such a large margin at similar clock speeds. It could have something to do with the Nexus One’s 512 MB of RAM which is double the Droid’s (256 MB).

Update: Did some more reading and found out the Nexus One speed boost is due mainly to the new JIT (just in time) compiler for Dalvik that was included with CyanogenMod v5.0.

From GreeneComputing: From How does a 245% speed improvement sound?  Holy Smoke!  Almost 2.5X faster!!   How’s he doing it?  It looks like JIT can be turned on.  JIT is the Just In Time compiler for Dalvik.