We know Google is all about searching, and the company has just made the process a bit better for Android devices. With the release of the “Recent” button on Google’s mobile site, local searching is now more integrated and multi-platform friendly.

The new feature allows users to access recent searches straight from the Google mobile site. For example, one can search for a restaurant or venue on a computer and then access the same information by looking under the “Recent” category on any Android or iPhone device. The same applies for searches initiated by other tablets or phones.

It functions a bit like Chrome to Phone, but only works with Google searches. Instead of using Chrome to Phone to get all the details about that local restaurant, one can just walk out and get the details via your browser later (available for about a day). Not a huge feature, or something we can’t do using other methods, but it will definitely make things much simpler.

Users will have to have Google Web History enabled in order to use this service, and of course being logged in to your Google Account is a must. Other than that, things are ready and you should be able to enjoy this new feature. Go ahead and check it out, and be sure to stop by and let us know what you think. Do you think you will be using this feature more than Chrome to Phone?