Internet connected thermostats aren’t a very new idea. The Nest thermostat has been on the market for quite some time, and is actually a pretty nice product. But now it looks like Google is working on a similar system, or at least the software for one.

EnergySense Tablet

Android Police managed to get an early look at the EnergySense app that Google is currently developing. At the moment, it’s just a basic temperature control app with presets for when you’re away, asleep and such. Automation and predictive capabilities aren’t integrated yet, but could be sometime in the future.

EnergySense Phone

While it doesn’t seem so important at first glance, such a system could be a big help and a money saver for a lot of people. Simply setting up schedules to stop heating at night and heat the house up 5 minutes before your alarm goes off would save you from being cold in the mornings and would knock a bit of change off your power bill. And, if you forgot to turn off your heat before you left home, you could do so once you’ve left. Imagine if every house in the US got this system and saved a bit of money; not to mention that it would be a huge help for the environment.

Google is not producing any hardware at the moment, opting instead to use third party hardware. The company is not partnered with anyone for hardware at the moment, but third party thermostats like Ecobee can be used with Google’s new system. This makes it even easier to adopt if you already have a smart thermostat. Would you use such a system? Would you invest in it if you could save money in the long run? Tell us in the comments!