HTC’s new Duo Lens camera on the HTC One (M8) is a strange feature. Some claim it’s awesome, allowing you to adjust focus on shots after they’ve already been taken, and some think it’s incredibly gimmicky, pretty much on Samsung’s level (that would be me). HTC’s implementation of the two sensors doesn’t seem to be very useful at all to me, but that could change soon.

HTC has released the Dual Lens SDK Preview, which will allow developers to take advantage of those two sensors. This may result in some unique apps with nice features released for the new HTC One, if developers actually jump on this chance to do something innovative. I’d love to see random developers beat HTC at making software for its own hardware.

To download the SDK, you’ll need an HTCDev account. Head to the source link and download it, I’d love to see what you clever people can come up with. Maybe it’ll make the second sensor on the One more than just a cheap gimmick. Do you think this will improve the functionality of the HTC One, or is it just a gimmick through and through? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!