HTC has pushed out a new update to its HTC Gallery app, adding the oft-requested feature of sharing Duo Camera shots. HTC’s Duo Camera is a bit gimmicky but unique thanks to the editing effects that can be done with it. Since the launch of the One (M8), however, the Duo Camera has been plagued by the fact that you could only change the effects on your phone. It was impossible to share the effects without implementing them and turning the picture into a basic, still image.

That changes today. HTC’s new update for the HTC Gallery allows users to share a Duo Camera shot to the web, where others can interact with it through a Google-hosted web page. The system works similarly to Lytro’s set-up and brings more life to Duo Camera shots. One thing that should be mentioned is that these shots don’t share in the same way as other camera shots. To share a Duo Camera shot, you have to go into Edit, choose an effect and then share the link from there. It’s more complex than usual, but it makes it easy to see the effects in action. The update is rolling out now so if you have an HTC One (M8), go see if you’ve received the update yet!

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