To date, we’ve seen a few leaks that’ve tried to nail down the specs of LG’s upcoming flagship, expected to be called the G3. Today we’re turning our attention to the design of the phone itself, as a new image has leaked that may give us our first look at the G3.

An image shared by GSMArena claims to show the backside of the G3. We can see a camera with a set of volume keys and a power button resting beneath it, suggesting that LG will carry the rear-mounted button setup of the G2 over to its predecessor. To the right of the camera looks to be a flash, and to the left of it is some sort of black oval. Unfortunately, it’s not clear if this is a speaker, a secondary camera lens or some other type of sensor.

There are also some notes scribbled onto a piece of paper behind the G3. These mention specs that may be included with the device, such as 16GB and 32GB of storage, 2GB and 3GB of RAM and optical image stabilization.

The rear-mounted button setup found on devices like the G2 and G Flex is a unique feature that helps to make LG’s phones stand out a bit and also improve usability. That’s why it won’t be a surprise if the Life’s Good crew does end up using such a setup on its next flagship.

What do you think that the black sensor to the left of the G3’s camera might be? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below!