Verizon’s DroidLanding Twitter account has been back in action for the past week, teasing what seems to be a new DROID device right around the corner. And we have every reason to believe it’s a Motorola tablet.

The tweet announcing that something else is going on is just as cryptic as ever:


The video that’s linked to in the tweet is a full four-minute mini James Bond style movie that Verizon has been chopping up to air on TV to advertise the new DROID Ultra and Maxx. The story isn’t finished though, and our hero is on the quest to deliver a “case” that appears to have fallen into the wrong hands.

As for what’s in that case, it looks suspiciously like a tablet sleeve. We really can’t imagine what else it could be. Shortly after posting the video, and asking for theories on what the case could contain, DroidLanding retweeted someone guessing it’s a tablet. That’s not exactly confirmation, but it’s pretty close.

Verizon is still dedicated to the DROID brand and isn’t afraid to slap the name on tablets as well as phones. We’re well overdue for a new DROID tablet, so the timing makes sense. New phones do not. Motorola would have to be the manufacturer, becuase they have exclusive rights to the DROID name now. And CEO Dennis Woodside has shared that Motorola is working on a tablet, presumably one that would work with MotoMaker, but could just as well be put into a custom DROID housing for Verizon.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on DroidLanding to see if anything else pops up before an official announcement.