We’re back for week two of the And Me Artist Series with another new tee, Open & Awesome. The black shirt features plain white text (set in Helvetica) reading Open & Awesome & Evolving & Robot.

For those not familiar with our little project, the And Me Artist Series is a set of four tees, revealed one at a time, with each tee running only for a week. Each Monday we get a new t-shirt and the previous design expires. This produces a limited run of tees that will never be reproduced again (we know nerds like to be exclusive).

For more details or to order the shirt, check out:

About the artist

This tee was designed by me, and I am awesome, so you should buy it. (Seriously, it feels weird to write my own bio, but I’ll do my best).

Taylor and I started Android and Me about two years ago. He handles most of the news, I handle most of the website. I’ve been building them for almost a decade now, along with random design, video, and mobile work that comes my way.

I wanted to make a simple tee that didn’t immediately scream IM FROM THE INTERNET! (although I probably give it away about the time I get to & Robot). The design nerds amongst you will probably recognize this as a parody tee, the uninitiated may have to do some Googling.


This week you’ll have a chance to win a free tee by Tweeting blank & blank & blank & blank – #whyIchoseAndroid You, of course, are supposed to fill in the blank, tell us why you chose Android. We’ll pick a winner (randomly) on Friday to give any holdouts a chance to get their order in (there were a lot of you last week!). Check the shirt site for more details…