NVIDIA isn’t new to tablets, having powered the first true Android tablets that ran Honeycomb with the Tegra 2. The history continues with powering the Nexus 7 tablet using a Tegra 3, all the way to the Tegra Note 7 that’s been on sale for quite a while now. But making a tablet on its own is something NVIDIA hasn’t done, but that might just change soon.

The Shield series is NVIDIA’s own hardware, currently consisting of the NVIDIA Shield gaming device. However, according to the latest @evleaks leak, there will be an NVIDIA Shield Tablet and it will be released this year! A gaming tablet is something we expected, but it’s strange to release a gaming device without any sort of physical controls.

There is no further detail on the device, but it’s gotten me excited. As the owner of a Tegra Note 7 (more specifically the HP Slate 7 Extreme), I’m quite fond of the design and the Shield Tablet looks even better. Hopefully it’ll have the display resolution to back up those good looks, something that is a weak point on the original Shield. Would you buy a gaming tablet? Let us know in the comments!