Those that have been following the patent wars know that it has become quite a mess. One of Apple‘s most notable moves thus far was a ban on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Germany due to the similarity in the Devices’ front look. Apple may have won that battle, but it seems like Samsung did not give up on the war, and is now back to business in Germany.

Samsung has re-designed the look of the Tab 10.1, and has named it the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1N. The design is not remarkably different, though; Samsung has extended the bezel to cover part of the front (wraps around the tablet), and added what seems to be speakers (or dual microphone) to the front. Not too much of a hassle, right? If nothing else, Samsung’s “redesign” has proven that these issues are simply not big enough to take to court.

After this move, German customers can now get their hands on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1N without needing to import it. We will now have to play the waiting game to see if Apple will try to take things further with the new design. Knowing Apple, they will definitely try to take pursue further legal action if at all possible. It looks like Samsung is confident enough about their move.

In the meantime, Samsung has managed to sidestep Apple’s lawsuit, and should be selling these bad boys in Germany very soon. Are any of our German readers going for a Galaxy Tab 10.1N? Or would you rather go for one of the better upcoming tablets by now? Do you think Apple will try to make another move on this?