Reactions to the Samsung Galaxy S5 haven’t been incredibly positive in the tech world lately, but that’s always the case with Samsung products. People really love to hate on the popular one, especially when there are very valid reasons to dislike the device. But that hasn’t stopped the Galaxy S5 from quickly becoming a success, according to Localytics data.

The Galaxy S5 was only released 12 days ago, but it was released all around the globe simultaneously. And just 12 days later, the device accounts for 0.7% of all Android smartphones. This is a really surprising number, considering how many Android phones are out there. The Galaxy S5 seems to be outselling its predecessor by quite a bit, meaning Samsung’s flagship isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

The US accounted for 64% of all Galaxy S5 sales, while Europe accounted for 23%. With the device launching in more countries over the next few months, we’ll see the numbers change. In comparison, the Galaxy S4 ended up selling 51% of devices in the US and 28% of devices in Europe.

So the Samsung Galaxy S5 is selling very well, just as we expected, and nothing will change anytime soon. Hopefully HTC and Motorola will have boosted sales numbers this year, because Samsung is dominating the market. Have you see a Galaxy S5 in the wild so far?