Lots of folks got excited by the Google Cast for audio announcement earlier this week because it’ll make beaming music to your speakers (so long as they’re compatible) super easy. However, there is one company that’s not super into Google Cast for audio.

Spotify has confirmed that it doesn’t plan to support Google Cast for audio. Instead, it’ll continue to push Spotify Connect, its own offering that lets you push your music from your phone or tablet to a compatible speaker or receiver. Spotify explains that it believes that Connect lets it delivered the best home music experience and that Connect is already “optimized for ease-of-use and audio quality.”

While most speakers and receivers will likely support both Google Cast and Spotify Connect, it’s still kind of a bummer to hear that Spotify won’t just show love to Google. After all, there are already a number of other music services and device manufacturers signed on to support Google Cast, and it’d be nice to have to deal with just one beaming service instead of multiple ones.

Have you ever used Spotify Connect?