SwiftKey is my absolute favorite keyboard, and as of late, I’ve been using the beta version from their site. This beta, called Layouts for Living, added a ton of functionality to the keyboard by adding two new layouts and combining the phone and tablet keyboards.

These new layouts are called thumb and compact. Thumb splits the keyboard in two and separates the halves far apart; it’s quite useful on tablets. Compact squishes the keyboard to one side for one-finger typing on large phones (useful on the Note 3). You can also fully undock the keyboard and move it anywhere you’d like.

This update is now live on the Play Store and Amazon Appstore, so if you’re a SwiftKey user, go update the app! If you’re on the beta, update the regular version and switch to that.

(Playboard) | (Play Store)



Swype has also been updated on the Play Store, coincidentally, with added layouts that make it easier to type on large displays. The new layout is similar to the compact layout on SwiftKey, which pushes the keyboard to one side. Continuous dictation and voice recognition in a language other than the default have been added, as well. So if you’re a Swype user, hit the widget or visit the Play Store to update your keyboard!

(Playboard) | (Play Store)