The T-Mobile G2 will receive its first OTA update which will add some highly anticipated features that were missing at launch. Starting November 3rd and going through November 8th, T-Mobile will roll out an over the air update which includes WiFi Calling, tethering, and “other updates”.

The WiFi calling does pretty much exactly what it says. When G2 users are connected to a WiFi hotspot, they can make voice calls and send text messages. There is no hand-off to a cellular network like UMA, so calls will be dropped if the user leaves the WiFi hotspot.

Tethering will allow users to share their internet connection with up to 5 other WiFi devices. T-Mobile will debut their new $14.99 tethering add-on plan tomorrow, or you can always tether for free over a wired connection using an app like PDAnet.

If you own a G2, what do you hope gets fixed in the “other updates” part of the OTA that starts tomorrow?