Some readers were concerned when they learned the T-Mobile G2 would have a CPU running at only 800 MHz, but some leaked graphics benchmarks indicate it should have roughly the same performance as the Samsung Galaxy S and the Motorola Droid X/2.

HTC held the performance crown for a short while when the Nexus One was released in early January, but newer phones from Motorola and Samsung have since passed it up with their more efficient 45nm processors and faster GPUs.

The T-Mobile G2 will be the first Android phone in the U.S. to sport the new 45nm 800 MHz MSM7230 processor from Qualcomm. One of the major additions is that Qualcomm has finally included a graphics processor, the Adreno 205, that is on par with what we have seen from the PowerVR GPUs found in Samsung and Texas Instrument’s SoCs.

Qualcomm claims the new Adreno 205 offers about 4x the graphics performance of the previous Adreno 200 (used in the original Snapdragon). We are finally able to back up those numbers with some results uploaded at of the HTC Vision (aka G2).

HTC Vision benchmarks

The HTC Vision aka the G2.

As you can see the G2 (HTC Vision) is in the neighborhood of other top Android phones. I wouldn’t put too much into this since it’s only a single benchmark result, but you can clearly see the difference from previous HTC+Qualcomm offerings like the Nexus One and Droid Incredible. Note the EVO scores low in this benchmark because of its 30 fps cap.

So now we know that when the G2 lands later this month (or early next) it should offer top-level performance, the fastest data connection (HSPA+ 14.4 Mbps), and the joys of stock Android 2.2.

The G2 is a very tempting upgrade to T-Mobile customers (unless you already own the Vibrant), but we also know dual-core phones are right around the corner. After nine months with the Nexus One I have learned that up-to-date Android often beats out faster hardware, so it is a very tough call for sure.

Are you ready to upgrade that aging G1? Or will you wait for dual-core?