If you can’t possibly stand to watch the Nexus 7 thrown on the ground, pushed off a ledge and dunked in a bathtub, avert your eyes.

In their latest famous drop test video, SquareTrade is pitting the Nexus 7 against the new iPad in an epic battle to see who can withstand the most abuse. Spoiler alert: the Nexus 7 wins every single one.

Both when dropped from chest level and pushed off a ledge, the Nexus 7 sustained far less damage than the new iPad. The Nexus 7 saw minimal to moderate markings on its back from the falls onto the cement, while the iPad’s display was cracked and shattered. When dropped into a bathtub full of water, the iPad and Nexus 7 both appeared to have fully functional displays, but only the Nexus 7 still had functioning audio.

Is this a perfect simulation of what would happen were you to mishandle an iPad or Nexus 7 in the real world? Not necessarily. But it does showcase the durability of the Nexus 7, or should I say, clumsy people everywhere’s new tablet of choice.