That was fun while it lasted. Verizon is planning to kill unlimited data plans this summer, says Reuters. Instead, the carrier will begin offering  tiered data plans, penalizing those of us who consume a lot of data. This leaves Sprint as the only option — aside from regional carriers — for people that want a truly unlimited data plan.

To make us feel better, Verizon will soon introduce shared family data plans. Families will be able to buy a certain amount of data and share it among all family members and different devices — like a tablet. While at first sight this might look like a good thing, it could also turn into your worst nightmare. It won’t be long before we start hearing stories of how little Tommy downloaded a bunch of 4GB movies and now daddy has to pay $200 in fees.

I hope you enjoyed surfing the web on your phone freely and without worries. The ride is now over, and the carriers want us to pay up. On a brighter note, I know who my next carrier will be, and it starts with an “S”.