Mac OS virtualization software company Parallels on Tuesday revealed a new crowdsourced project called the “Apple-in-the-Workplace Barometer”, which lets users fill out a questionnaire about their workplace to create an overall view of how the business world is changing in terms of Mac adoption, acceptance of personal devices (“BYOD”), and of course, use of desktop virtualization.

The project tracks responses from IT professionals, managers, and knowledge workers, and plots their responses on an X-Y axis of Apple Support (current mobile policies) over Apple Adoption (opportunities for expansion). It is broken into four quadrants, “Players” versus “Laggards” and “Leaders” versus “Rookies.” Obviously because it’s a project from Parallels, it is primarily interested in creating a clearer picture of Apple’s place in enterprise today.

Topics of interest include: percentage of employees at your company that use Macs, percentage of employees at your company that currently use iPhones or iPads as their primary mobile devices for work-related purposes, procedures for mobile device deployment, IT support for Macs, IT support for mobile devices, and so forth.

The majority of responses to the project so far have come from IT Professionals, and have fallen into the “Players” category, likely skewed due to Parallels’ audience. To take the survey, and see where your business stacks up, or to contribute your business’ situation to the graph, check out Filling out the survey is supposed to give respondents access to a detailed .PDF of survey results, but as of press time, our attempts to get this to actually work were…to use a pun…fruitless.