iPhone 7 Wireless Headphones

The iPhone 7 is not even out yet, but most rumors maintain that the headphone jack will be removed by Apple about the brand new device. This conclusion is already generating some unrest among iPhone users who would have to accommodate to new ways of connecting their headphones to the iPhone although this change has not been affirmed.

However, Apple may have a “fix” in place, according to new findings.

Apple is seemingly studying cans that could connect to your device using a wired and also a radio system. As seen in the picture above, the system consists of a set of EarPod-like earbuds that appear similar to what is currently discovered within an iPhone retail carton. Nonetheless, these earbuds might be detached from your cable that’s connecting them to an iPhone using a MagSafe-like interface.

This way, users can choose to use the earphones by using the regular interface or linking to a device wirelessly via Bluetooth. This new technology is described in U.S. Patent No. 9,277,309, called Detachable wireless listening device.

Discovered by Apple Insider, the patent does not mention the iPhone 7, or the fact that it’ll lack a headphone jack. However, the patent does not guarantee that Apple will ever establish a product like the one shown in the image above.


The earbuds described in the process would utilize the interface that is magnetic to recharge an internal battery, which may permit them to operate wirelessly when the magnetic connection isn’t available anymore.